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True North Consulting Cloquet knows the Google search results page is constantly changing, and mobile devices are becoming more and more important. These constant changes, and the battle for position, can be over-whelming for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have experts in their corner. Firms which are doing business online using an eCommerce solution and/or a shopping cart must be constantly updating and optimizing their paid digital advertising to drive high-quality traffic to their website. Brad Putney at True North Consulting Cloquet has years of experience in digital advertising which will increase your revenue and your return on digital marketing investment.

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Google Ads Search Campaign - Text Ads
One of the most important things to get right in your search or text ad is the creative, or messaging, you put into it. Better headlines and descriptions improve ad relevance and drive more qualified clicks to your website
Display Ads
The three critical elements of a display ad are an eye-catching image, strong differentiation statement, and call to action. This checklist outlines how True North Consulting creates effective display ads and image ads so that you can improve conversions, brand recall, and engagement.
Remarketing Campaigns
Turn website browsers into buyers. Programmatic Remarketing on AdWords Display helps you engage site visitors with personalized ads even after they've left your site. Our specialists know how to set up effective tags, remarketing lists, bids and ad formats.
YouTube Video Ads
There have never been more opportunities for brands to connect with consumers through the power of video and paid YouTube ads. Our firm will cover the key ways you can use TrueView video ads to support your overall performance goals.
Mobile Ads
Smartphones are an integral part of how people search and browse the web. We build mobile ads and campaigns that take advantage of the mobile platform and the “on the go” nature of today’s online shopper.
Shopping or Product Listing Ads
Shopping campaigns give you a chance to feature your products to online customers. We use shopping campaign best practices to structure effective campaigns, set your best bids and optimize your strategy to deliver on your marketing objectives.
Google Analytics
Both Google Ads and Google Analytics offer insights into the performance of your campaigns, and those insights get better when you use Google Analytics plus Google Ads together. We use in-depth analysis to improve your bidding, messaging and campaign performance.

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As experienced search engine marketers we believe we know every high-quality keyword that should be included in our campaigns. We use campaign history, Webmaster tools, and a number of third-party keyword research websites to find every keyword that could and would ever be used in a search. However, people don’t always search the way you...

What are the components that make a great display ad? Also called an image ad or a banner ad, a display ad is made up of an image and text, which appears on many websites across the Internet. And while click through rates may be typically be lower than search or text ads, there are...

In my last pay per click article we talked about using Google AdWords to run video ads on YouTube. In that article, I outlined the methods and the formats in which the ads are served. In this article let’s talk about producing those videos, and what makes people stick around and watch your ads. •...

Now that your text ads, image ads, and product listing ads (PLA’s) in Google AdWords are bringing in all kinds of revenue, what’s next? Well, how about using YouTube, the second-largest search engine, and start running some video ads? You already have your AdWords account up and running so this will be a natural extension...

When Internet surfing is your vocation, such as your’s truly,  you inevitably bound to see a lot of online ads, both good and bad. So when the really good ones come along you are prone to remember them, and maybe even visit their website to get a feel for the business. The advertisers below have...

With the addition of Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) Google has given online marketers another great avenue in which to advertise. Product Listing Ads are image ads triggered by a keyword search, thus making it the best of both worlds in the Google universe. A searcher enters a keyword or phrase, and in addition to the...

Brad is the most knowledgeable AdWords professional I have met in my 9 years in the digital marketing field. I have personally seen him deliver outstanding results for clients we have worked with together. Most importantly, I have found Brad to be a person of outstanding integrity. He is transparent, honest, and ethical in everything he does.

Kristin Cpin - Owner at Joy Marketing & Consulting

Our Mission:

The mission of True North Consulting Cloquet is to help clients achieve their most ambitious online marketing goals, grow site visits and increase revenue. We also strive to provide strategic counsel, intelligent solutions and timely service.


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