Shopping ads / product listing ads

Shopping ads or product listing ads (PLA’s) are cost per click (CPC) ads, which online merchants purchase through AdWords. These ads appear on Google Search pages to the left, and top of results. Shopping ads are most distinguishable in that they feature a product image, as well as a text description in the search result ad. Shopping ads are show based on a keyword search and the results are tailored towards products and product categories in the advertisers shopping feed.

Great for online merchants!

AdWords shopping ads are a good option for online merchants, and like other Google products are managed within the AdWords portal. At True North Consulting we help you to understand the differences between AdWords, text ads and Google Shopping Ads.

If you’re not listing on Google Shopping because you don’t understand how Product Listing Ads work, or you’re having issues getting the campaign set up, True North Consulting can help. So lets get started, give us a call or send an email and we will get your shopping ads online.